Water company installs DefendaStrip across entire region

One of the UK’s water companies recently contacted us about needing to protect the pipe bridge crossings in their region. DefendaStrip, one of the products we are a distributor for, was the perfect solution and has now been installed across the entire region. DefendaStrip is a brilliantly versatile, visual and physical deterrent to trespassers on pipe bridges, crossings, governors, depots or as a perimeter security measure.

As pictured above, DefendaStrip is a plastic, anti-climb product using defensive cones of irregular heights. DefendaStrip is made from weather-resistant Polypropylene, which can be cut specifically to fit awkward areas. Its flexible design means it can bend both ways to fit rounded surfaces and corners. It is the perfect choice for covering most sized crossings and ensuring pipe bridge security. Full details of the product can be found here.

DefendaStrip pipe bridge protection


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