Visit us at WATEC Italy (Water Technology & Environmental Control) - FT Pipeline Systems

Visit us at WATEC Italy (Water Technology & Environmental Control)

Our Water Treatment division, headed up by Roger Attisha, will be exhibiting at WATEC Italy later this month (24 – 27 October). This is a conference and exhibition featuring speakers from around the world alongside an exhibition of water technology and innovations.

This year’s conference will cover ‘Water Management in Livestock and Product Processing Sectors’. Topics will include: Sustainable Agriculture, Drug Pollution and Chemicals, Water Transportation, Storage Waste Management and more. Discussions will be led by experts from the industries as well as respected academia.

In addtion, WATEC Italy 2018 will host Padania Acque and Aqua Publica Europea (APE) – the European association of public water service operators that bring together 62 public companies in the water sector and reach 70 million citizens every day.

On Friday, October 26, Padania Acque and APE will hold a conference in WATEC which will include participation from representatives of the consortium companies and other European stakeholders. The topic for discussion will be the new European Directive currently being issued on drinking water.

FT Pipeline Systems, along with our newly appointed European distributor Lortub, will be exhibiting at the conference and we hope to see you there.