Heat Shrink Sleeves for Larger Diameter Pipes

FT Pipeline Systems has been the UK distributor for Canusa’s excellent range of heat shrink sleeves for over 20 years and so we are delighted to tell you about another of their products which we believe will be of benefit to our customers.

The GTS-PP-VE heat shrink sleeves offer a solution for larger diameter pipelines. The sleeve, which uses a visco-elastic mastic on a polypropylene backing, requires the same surface preparation as a traditional shrink sleeve with the exception of the pre-heat which is +5° (as opposed to +6°). There are therefore significant installation benefits on larger diameter pipework, assisted by the viso-elastic solution having greater shear strength resistance than a traditional shrink sleeve. The application is them completed as a traditional shrink sleeve with propane torches.

The VE mastic type is the same as the Canusa WrapidBond – another low pre-heat tape solution in the Canusa range which has been used extensively on 46km of 900mm and 1000mm pipes over the last two years. The WRB solution was chosen specifically to protect exposed steel post welding onto PE tape wrapped fittings without the need to be shrunk down with a flame, thereby mitigating the risk associated with such activities.

GTS-PP-VE datasheet


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