Rigid Secondary Contained Pipework for Fuel Supply for Back-Up Power Systems

FT Pipeline Systems Water Treatment division is delighted to add another new product to our range of secondary contained hose and pipe. PLX is specifically designed for fuel supplies and can be used in a variety of situations where an emergency back-up power system is needed (e.g. hospitals, banks, prisons, data centres etc.).

PLX is a high performance, multi-layered polyethylene composite pipe system, and is fusion welded for the greatest joint integrity. It is, of course, fully compliant with the standards set by the Energy Institute, along with other worldwide-recognised standards.

Fuel industry guidelines are making it mandatory that pressurised (including gravity head) below ground fuel lines are secondary contained, or installed in a bunded area. PLX is a secondary containment close-fit system which provides security against accidental fuel losses whilst providing an opportunity for continuous interstitial monitoring and environmental protection, through leak detection, in both below ground and above ground applications.

The close-fit PLX range is available in straight lengths and coils and offers huge advantages over traditional materials:

• Safe and durable (30-year design life)
• High performance 10bar primary pipes
• Corrosion resistant
• Maintenance free
• Resists permeation quick, clean and easy electrofusion jointing and installation
• Dedicated range of matched fittings
• Dimensional stability
• Strong and robust
• UV resistant
• Full range of accessories and jointing tools
• Allows for interstitial monitoring and environmental protection

To find out more about the PLX range and how it might benefit you, please email enquiries@ftpipelinesystems.co.uk or call our office on 01543 416024.

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