Replacement Outfalls on Isle of Man

Two existing ductile iron outfalls on the Isle of Man had exceeded their design life, and having been repaired many times, needed to be replaced.  A major consideration for the Isle of Man Water Authority when selecting the replacement material, was that the external protection around the pipe would make it completely impact-proof.  The highest quality product available was chosen to deal with the exposed beach and sea conditions.  To meet these demands, FT Pipeline Systems supplied approximately 500m of 250mm cement mortar lined steel pipe.  An anti-corrosion T-Rib cement mortar coating was applied which offers the best protection against boats or driftwood hitting against the pipe.

The outfalls were located at Jurby and Kirl Michael, and the timing of low tide meant that installation and welding had to take place during the early hours of the morning.  Restricted access was also an issue at one of the sites.  Loading the pipes onto a 4×4 trailor attached to a tractor allowed them to be taken down the beach for better access.

Members of FT Pipeline’s site support team were on site to provide training in the installation of the Canusa heat shrink sleeves over the pipe joints and they also assisted with the cement mortar joint repair kits.



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