Redevelopment of Lewisham Town Centre

Lewisham Town Centre is currently being redeveloped and as a result a number of diversions are taking place of the current utilities. The existing River Ravensbourne culvert is also being redirected and this has resulted in the requirement for bespoke coated and lined 800mm pipework to be manufactured in carbon steel.
FT Pipeline Systems were engaged to help provide an “As Fit” solution for the new mains. Individually manufactured pieces were needed to fit in the tight access points of the works. This included a section of 3m long pipes which were made with Ejoint/socket connections, and which were welded together and pushed through an already installed carrier pipe. The pipe was fitted with spacers to centralise and stabilise it once in the host pipe. To complete the steel section of the scheme, FT provided further pipework including bends and pup pieces to be welded together so as to remove the requirement for concrete thrust blocks or other restraint mechanisms.


Lewisham Layout-2


Lewisham Layout-1











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