PRS Skids for Temporary Emergency Power Plant

FT Pipeline Systems Gas Division, in conjunction with our supply partner Zennergy, has been involved in the supply of a number of gas pressure reduction systems (PRS skids) for a temporary emergency power plant in Dublin. Permission was granted to build the emergency generator in response to the growing shortfall in electricity supplies, which is forecasted for the next five winters. The shortfall is due to the rising demand for electricity and the closure of older fossil-fuel powered plants.

The power plant is designed to start quickly and will run when electricity demand is high and generation capacity from other sources available on the system, including renewables, is at risk of not meeting demand. The emergency generator will be operational for a minimum of three years and a maximum of five years and will only be run when the system is in alert or emergency state.

The gas pressure reduction stations will reduce the pressure from high to intermediate and will have control valves, gas filters, pressure regulators and gas heating units.

PRS Skids

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