Price Increase Coming for Water Treatment Division

News Alert – Price Increase Coming

With the current Brexit situation creating added tariffs and the increase in raw material costs due to the global pandemic, it is inevitable that we will experience higher product costs here in the UK. We have been informed that the raw material costs for our PF-Detect and Protectaflex products will rise on April 1st (21.05% for PU and 14.25% for PVC). This is in addition to the price increase which we had to impose on 1st January 2021 and in line with the reports seen in the construction industry recently.
FT Pipeline Systems are looking at what we can do to mitigate this rise but we have been advised that the manufacturer, Colex, will impose a price increase which we expect to come into force from 1st May. Our best estimate of the increase at this stage is that prices will rise by 8 – 12%.

Forward Planning Will Keep Prices Lower for Longer

With this news in mind, we will be increasing our stock levels so having an understanding of upcoming project requirements will give us a good base to work from. If you currently have any projects priced, pre-increase, please let us know the material, size, quantity and expected delivery date. We can then log the projects to ensure that we can supply you with what you need at the current prices until July 2021.

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