Pipe Demonstration Success

FT Pipeline Systems, in conjunction with HTC, recently hosted a successful product demonstration day at HTC’s offices in Wrexham. Cyclic pressure testing to 40 bar of E Joint socket pipes was successfully carried out to show the flexibility of the chosen epoxy lining. A welding demonstration proving no internal damage to the epoxy lining and a Canusa products presentation formed part of the day’s events.

During the last few months FTPS has invested a great deal of time and effort into presenting steel as a suitable solution for your high pressure pipeline requirements. As part of this, in October, representatives from water companies and contractors were invited to view E joint / socket pipes being tested, ask questions of people from our supply chain, and learn more about the products and the technology behind them. This was done both at HTC in Wrexham and at the Turksih Mill Erciyas.

Representatives from Lortub in France briefly outlined their position in the market as a manufacturer of fittings (in compliance with detailed drawings approved by the client), and in particular, the unique E Joint. The E Joint includes an air pocket which reduces the heat transfer to the internal surface resulting in no damage to the internal lining from the welding process.

We were also pleased to welcome Nicolas Achin from BS Coatings (also based in France), the manufacturer of Eurokote Thixo 468. This internal lining product has been in use, in conjunction with the E joint, in France and other parts of Europe for many years. In 2014 Eurokote Thixo 468 gained DWI approval for use on pipes produced by Erciyas, and has now been tested for a minimum flexibility of up to 40 bar with the E Joint.

The pressure testing which took place in Wrexham was carried out on 900mm pipe lined with Eurokote 468 Thixo. It was pressurised 4 times up to 40 bar. Delegates were then able to inspect the lining to see how the lining product reacted. Historically, with other epoxy linings, at pressure ratings above 12 bar, a crack appears in the lining. The demonstrations in Turkey and Wrexham showed there to be no such fracturing at over 40 bar.


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