Pilot-Operated Governor from Gascat

We are pleased to introduce Gascat’s new Governor 254 P (pilot-operated) valve which is a flexible addition to the range. It was developed for applications with low inlet pressure in combination with low outlet pressure.

It is pre-trimmed for a hydrogen mix and is currently available up to 8 inch with an inlet pressure of 10 bar and capable of gas flow coefficient of up to 28250KG.

A typical use for the Governor 254 P would be as an addition to intermediate pressure systems used for main distribution around large towns and cities. Compared to similar products available on the market, this Gascat valve offers the flexibility of higher flows and inlet and outlet pressure options.


  • Fast response
  • Installation at any angle
  • Large operational pressure range

For more information, please email enquiries@ftpipelinesystems.co.uk 

Governor 254 P


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