Over 20 kms of steel pipe delivered to Scotland

FT Pipeline Systems is supplying the steel pipes to Caledonia Water Alliance (CWA) on behalf of Scottish Water as part of its ongoing Amlaird WTW project. Scottish Water is improving the water supply network for over 200,000 people and businesses in Ayrshire and East Renfrewshire. £120 million is being invested in the drinking water network; 30 miles of new water mains will connect the system in Ayrshire with Greater Glasgow’s network. The project, which is expected to take up to 4 years, will create a larger, more robust and connected supply zone for the area. Customers will benefit from greater security of supply and improved response to operational issues such as burst water mains. CWA, Scottish Water’s alliance partners, are constructing the 10-mile long strategic water main from Waulkmill Glen reservoir near Newton Mearns to the Fenwick/Waterside area. FTPS is in the process of supplying 22.5 kms of 900mm and 1000mm E Joint socket pipe for a no-man-access solution post welding. The pipes have an epoxy lining which was chosen to avoid potential leaching caused by organic cement mortar linings. The use of an epoxy lining, which is approved for drinking water (DWI. 31.4.a and Scottish equivalent) avoids the associated risk of pH increase with cement mortar during the commissioning. In order to maintain the consistency of the internal lining across the fittings, FT Pipeline Systems, in association with our French fabrication shop, Lortub, has also been accredited to the requirements of DWI 31.4.a. At the time of writing, Lortub remains the sole fittings supplier to have approval to apply the Eurokote 468 Thixo product. Supply of the pipes is being split over 3 vessels delivering in March / April 2016 to Peel Ports in Glasgow. Currently, FTPS is delivering in excess of half a kilometer of pipe to site daily. PIG magazine cover Download the article featured in In the Pipeline here.









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