Over 100 km of our dual contained hose purchased by the UK market

In 2016 we were excited to launch a brand new product into the UK water treatment market. PF-Detect was the first ever dual contained chemical dosing hose which had built-in leak detection, doing away with the need for catchpots. The flexible hose featuring capillary action made it suitable for virtually every situation and application as it doesn’t have to rely on gravity. PF-Detect was the next generation of product after ProtectaFlex, a lightweight but durable pipe in pipe flexible hose.

Straightaway, the hose was very well received by a number of water companies as both the cost and environmental benefits were immediately apparent. We appreciate the many favourable comments and feedback we have received from both water companies and installers, a few of which are highlighted here:

“This innovative design has saved us a lot of time and money while still offering the total safety to operators and the environment that we need for our chemical dosing applications” said Stewart Smolarek of Scottish Water.

Angel Rivero Falcon, Lead Chemical / Process Engineer at Encocam said, “PF-Detect hoses were the perfect fit to the project due to their leak detection system, which allows us full control of any of the safety control mechanisms in case there was any leak. In a short period of time, without any human intervention, automatically alarms will raise, pumps will stop, valves will close, scrubbers will be activated, etc.”

“High pressure dual contained, WRAS approved dosing lines were required; these didn’t exist in the market. This was where FT Pipeline Systems was able to help. A dual contained hose, suitable for pressures up to 30 bar was developed and then integrated with Leada’s own point of application injection points rated to 30 bar.”

“These flexible dual contained dosing pipe systems are ideal for both phosphorus removal or general chemical dosing in wastewater works”, Pete Bibby, Waveney

One water company has already installed the PF-Detect product in 25 of its schemes with another 150 coming up. In such a short time we are obviously delighted that over 100 km of our dual contained hose has been purchased by the UK market. This innovative product offers cost savings and environmental benefits so is a win-win!



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