Manifold successfully delivered to Kent

FT Pipeline Systems has recently supplied a 400mm and 500mm diameter manifold piece to one of Southern Water’s construction partners, CMPD, at Eastling Water Supply Works, Kent.

The fabrication measured over 8m long and had three riser pieces each to a height of over 2m. The fitting was manufactured in six pieces and lined with Eurokote 468 Thixo and welded together in the fabrication shop. To prevent internal damage to the epoxy at the weld positions, FTPS Ejoint system was used to prevent damaging heat transfer, thereby protecting the lining.

The fitting then had Interzone 954 coating applied externally which is designed for buried pipelines, with an over coating of cold applied tape to provide additional protection.

Crucial to the programme was the timely delivery of the manifold which FTPS achieved as advised to the contractor.

Our thanks to Southern Water and CMPD for their permission to publish this article.


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