Hydrogen Rental Skids for Government Trials

FT Pipeline Systems gas division has recently supplied and installed two hydrogen rental skids which will be used in government trials for green energy. The initial rental period is for 6 months with a view to becoming permanent. The two skids are fully stainless steel, are CE marked and PED approved. They feature the high quality Gascat range of regulators and gas safety products including:

Domus: high pressure / high flow regulator family capable of handling all types of gases; our flagship hydrogen valve.

Horus: versatile high flow, low noise 1 to 10 inch class 150 to 900, regulating from 0.7bar to 80bar.

GIPS slam shut valve: fast and bubble-tight security shut-off valve (0 to 15 bar).

The Gascat valves that are used for pure hydrogen are tested on hydrogen in a large tank eight feet below water, thereby proving they are bubble-tight for hydrogen.