Hydrogen Pressure Reducing Skids – to rent

Hydrogen is essential to the UK meeting its net zero emissions target. The opportunities presented by hydrogen are being researched across many industrial sectors up and down the entire country. FT Pipeline Systems is fortunate to be partnered with Brazilian-based Gascat Ltd and we are their exclusive UK distributor. Gascat have four decades of working with hydrogen and building hydrogen skids, and offer world-leading regulators which are trimmed for pure hydrogen / and or pre trimmed for hydrogen blend.

In recent years, FTPS has provided a fleet of rental units for gas to power and gas to energy. We are now strengthening our natural gas rental units with our hydrogen regulation modules. Our latest lease offerings are hydrogen skids: a number of hydrogen gas pressure let-down stations which are being custom built and which are skid mounted with suitable lifting lugs. The units go from high pressure down to millibar and come with regulators and slam shut valves. As part of the rental service, the pressure reduction stations are delivered to site assembled and ready to operate. The let-down stations will undergo on-site leak tests.

Our natural gas rental units have demonstrated the high quality of the build, coating and testing regime carried out by FT Pipeline Systems. Often the skids are outside over winter, uncovered and yet, when they are decommissioned and returned, they remain in excellent condition and can be rented out again.

The Gascat valves that are used for pure hydrogen (such as the Domus) are tested on hydrogen in a large tank eight feet below water, thereby proving they are bubble-tight for hydrogen. All Gascat valves are pre-trimmed for a hydrogen mix and large numbers of them have been supplied to the Dutch market where they are already using a hydrogen mix.

A hydrogen case study using the Domus valve is available to view here. The customer (in Brazil) commented that the plant had been operational for 10 years and during that time there had been no issues whatsoever with the Gascat products.


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