Gascat Valves Tested for Hydrogen

FT Pipeline Systems gas division has worked with Gascat Ltd. for several years. For almost four decades, Brazilian manufacturer Gascat have been designing and building gas control equipment, and in contrast to the UK market, they have been installing pure hydrogen control systems for over 30 years. (View a hydrogen case study here.)

The Gascat valves that are used for pure hydrogen are tested on hydrogen in a large tank eight feet below water, thereby proving they are bubble-tight for hydrogen. Each one is then fitted with a ‘hydrogen tested’ label prior to use in our hydrogen control systems. Pictured above are two pure hydrogen valves: the fully stainless steel one is a 1″ Domus regulator and the other is a 1″ GIPS slam shut valve.

All Gascat valves are pre-trimmed for a hydrogen mix but are not tested on hydrogen. Large numbers of these valves have been supplied to the Dutch market where they have a 12% hydrogen mix.

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