Full Traceability Offers Peace of Mind

FTPS are fully aware that traceability and ease of identification of items goes a long way to assisting site with their job. Steel solutions are in the position of having readily identifiable numbers that are unique to that fitting or tube, which in turn tie back to certification proving the quality of the materials.

As a result of this, FT have invested in a straightforward QR system to help with on-site identification of pipes and fittings. This was originally trialled in 2019 and has seen a full roll-out in 2021 on a scheme with Severn Trent Water. The project has introduced a QR code identification tag for all fittings which details the item and ties it back to the production drawings and location on the pipe run. All pipework already comes labelled with an external stencil identifying various details but the addition of the QR code enhances this process and provides a digital record that can be immediately communicated to others on site or in the offices.

Pictured above is an example of a QR code and the information contained. Below is an example of the FTPS/Lortub produced drawings to assist engineers with the position of items on the pipe run with individual items labelled.



Another feature of FTPS supply is the attention to the logistics of the job which also accommodates inspection services dock side (if shipping via a vessel) or on arrival at site or storage location. The addition of a simple “QA checked” sticker allows for the client and contractor to immediately see that the item has been inspected by an FTPS team member and has been cleared for dispatch to the project.

FTPS employees meet incoming consignments where the pre-slung pipework or palletised fittings are checked. Checks include cross referencing tally lists with the product on the ground, ensuring that end caps are secure and performing a holiday detection on the external coating if applicable, (and effecting any repairs), before dispatching onwards to site.

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