‘As Fit’ Solution supplied to diversions for a new junction on the M1

Work has been taking place on the A5 – M1 Link north of Dunstable which will include a new motorway junction (11a) on the M1 between Luton and Toddington Services. As part of this work, a number of utilities including water mains have had to be diverted. Before Christmas, FT Pipeline Systems supplied over 900m of coated and lined 700mm steel water pipes and bends for welding. The socket weld pipes were coated with 3 layer polyethylene and cement lined. The welded main has allowed continuity of the existing pipe material and cathodic protection on the diversion. This has been followed with the supply of 42 bespoke fittings spread across 10 chambers to include connection pipework at both ends to tie in with the existing mains. The contractors working on the project wanted to avoid the use of thrustblocks due to the service corridor being quite narrow.

FTPS helped provide drawings and design ideas to the appointed designer and client as part of an ‘As Fit’ solution for the diverted pipeline, detailing individual pieces for approval prior to manufacture. Examples are shown below.

Chamber N°8-rev01-1                                                      M1 chamber with changes


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