Fire Hydrant Covers for Severn Trent

FT Pipeline Systems has recently been asked to help Severn Trent Water in Derbyshire rectify a problem with incorrectly badged fire apparatus. The street furniture in question are Fire Hydrants in roadways which are displaying ‘SV’, ‘Meter’ or ‘WO’ as opposed to the required ‘FH’.

FTPS provided a survey of around 240 identified units and advised as to the replacement lid type available from their existing pattern range. Added to this, FT were also able to provide new patterns at no cost to the customer if needed, to increase the number of drop-in lids supplied. The survey work identified around 75% of the existing street furniture to be of four patterns and as a result an order was placed for 180+ new FH badged lids to be supplied.

The main benefit to the client was to significantly reduce the potential cost of replacing the incorrectly badged apparatus as there was no excavation, rebuilding of chambers or reinstatement. The cost savings are thought to be between £300-£500 per replacement lid installed.

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“FT Pipeline Systems has supplied Severn Trent Water with around 180 FH Lids. These lids have been used to replace WO lids on old style frame and covers. I went out to site to fit these lids myself on the STW network and every lid fitted within the old frames perfectly. Ian has designed a very good product and I would recommend using FT Pipeline System if you’re looking to replace old covers. Great work.” – Dan Thompson at Severn Trent Water.


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