Gascat DOMUS

Gas pressure regulator, pre-trimmed for hydrogen

For almost 4 decades, Brazilian manufacturer Gascat have been designing and building gas control equipment, and in contrast to the UK market, they have been installing pure hydrogen control systems for over 30 years.

Gascat specialise in gas pressure regulators, slam shut valves, filters and water bath heaters. As the exclusive UK agent of the Gascat range we would like to feature some of their pressure regulators beginning with the DOMUS.

The DOMUS is pilot operated and was specifically designed for applications with high inlet pressure. Its body and internal parts are all made from stainless steel.

DOMUS can be used with Natural Gas including CNG, nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen and other non-corrosive gases.
This pressure regulator can be applied to a wide variety of situations:

  • Natural gas decompression
  • CNG decompression
  • Daughter stations
  • Well head
  • Virtual pipeline (road tankers)
  • Industrial processes using high pressure cylinders of N2, H2 and natural gas
  • High pressure testing

FTPS has recently used the DOMUS as Active Monitor within a high to low pressure PRS, which included our own pre-heat Heat Pack and Vertical Heat Exchanger. The DOMUS was chosen for its precise control, accuracy and reliability. To view a short video of this installation, click here.

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