Deliveries Aplenty in July

FT Pipeline Systems has been involved in a number of large schemes lately and, as is often the way, deliveries for the water pipe, gas division and the water treatment division are all happening at once. The key highlights are:

Heads of the Valley: As part of the major infrastrucutre upgrade to the Heads of the Valley project, FTPS is facilitating the improvements with the supply of 700mm and 1100mm coated and lined steel water pipes. The pipes will arrive next week by trailer direct from the mill, Erciyas, in Turkey. We will take delivery of them at our local pipe storage facility in order to carry out the checks as directed by the client, before onward delivery. With any sort of diversion work associated with new rail / road building, there are often complex tie-ins and specific requirements. FT, along with our supply partner Lortub, has assisted the client’s design team to provide all of the required bends, tees and other fittings.

6km of E Joint Socket Pipework: Also next week, we will be taking receipt of 6km of pipes for a major water authority scheme. They will be arriving by vessel into Immingham docks. Following discharge, our delivery team will carry out various inspection checks before preparing to re-load them for onward transport by road. This is the first of five planned delivery phases over the next 18 months. This scheme also has a large amount of pipe fittings to complete the order.

Ejoint socket pipes

Gas Pressure Reducing Station: Our gas division has been building a large, single stream natural gas pressure reducing station and pre-heat system at our dedicated manufacturing facility in Elford. The system is pre-trimmed to accept a 30% hydrogen blend and has a minimum design life of 25 years. The heatpak was designed by FTPS engineers to use waste steam on site to pre-heat the gas prior to depressurisation, thereby providing a greener alternative to NG or electrical pre-heat. At over 12m long and weighing more than 13 tonnes, the PRS has today been sent out to the customer.

PRS rig

Dual Contained Chemical Dosing Hose: The water treatment division received a call for over half a kilometre of flexible dual contained chemical dosing hose which was needed urgently. It was quoted, ordered, cut from stock, wrapped and delivered, all within 24 hours!

dosing hose


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