Chemical Dosing Hose Offers Higher Pressures

In recent years, chemical dosing working pressures have steadily increased to the extent that they have doubled from 2-3 bar to 4-6 bar over the past ten years. In addition to that, the UK is consistently experiencing longer, hotter periods with higher temperatures becoming more normal. More installations of our flexible chemical dosing hose Protectaflex and PF Detect are exposed to the elements wih a greater use of trace heating and insulation.

In response to these trends, our supplier has developed Vendhose HP, a product that is designed to meet the changing needs in the market. The new HP product retains all the advantages of the traditional Vendhose with the key differential of added reinforcement.

In tests carried out for 38mm ID Vendhose HP, the results are shown below:

When this same hose is then used at higher temperatures, the increased working pressures are able to meet today’s environment:

Benefits of Vendhose HP include:

A full range of burst and working pressures will be available in the near future. If you would like more details please call the office on 01543 416024 or email