Canusa – leading provider of corrosion protection – goes from strength to strength

FT Pipeline Systems have continued their successful relationship with Canusa CPS, part of Shawcor, throughout 2017 with some major successes. We have also added Ireland to our Great Britain and Northern Ireland portfolio in recognition of over 20 years working with the leading provider of field joint protection.

A large installation in the north of the country involved the supply of the traditional Canusa heat shrink sleeves – CanusaWrap K-60 – with over 2000 field joints protected. The same scheme also used 450 bulk rolls of Canusa’s cold applied tapes, WrapidBond™ and WrapidCoat™ on the pipe to fitting connections. This option removes the preheat requirements seen with the traditional sleeves and takes out the risk to mainline coatings associated with pre-heating.

Another 25km scheme for a large diameter steel main used Canusa’s GTS-PE three layer shrink sleeve, a high performance sleeve with EPrimer. 2500 field joints were protected.

Following on closely to this was the first phase of a project in northern England for the construction of a new steel main which also used the K60 heat shrink sleeves for 1400 welded steel joints. The second phase will be supplied in 2018 and will see over double the number of sleeves to complete the job.

Canusa’s mainline repair products were used on all three of these schemes to fix any damage found on the mainline coatings.

The final scheme of note in 2017 involved the supply of GTS-PP sleeves. This is a specialist high performance polypropylene shrink sleeves solution using EPrimer and requiring induction blankets to ensure a high quality installation. As with all the schemes supplied, FTPS and Canusa CPS worked together to provide accurate and relevant information and training on site as required.


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