Bespoke Spacers Trial for Cadent Gas

FT Pipeline Systems recently celebrated the successful completion of the final trial of our pipeline spacers in central London. The spacers allow Cadent to push large diameter PE pipe within a cast iron mains without the requirement to remove Weko Seals – making the process both safer and more cost efficient.

The first trial took place in March 2021 in East London and involved the specially adapted roller spacers which were designed to go over the bands as the new pipes were pushed into the existing cast iron pipes. The Cadent spacers also needed to be bi-directional due to restrictive entry points on site. Our standard roller option is a one-directional, anti-corkscrew system. The first trial also highlighted issues with the nuts and bolts used to tighten the spacers, all of which were easily remedied.

The trials have demonstrated that the pipes can be relined without the need to send people down the pipe to cut out the Weko Seals.

We offer spacers that accommodate large diameter, heavy-weight metallic pipework through to smaller plastic carrier pipes, and include in their range the ability to provide bundled solutions, or cluster spacers, as they are known.

All options can be utilised on the majority of requirements, but a combination of commercial and technical considerations need to be taken into account so as to come up with the best solution for the job. Please call the office on 01543 416024 to discuss your requirements.


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