Auger Bore – Pipe in Pipe Solutions

FT Pipeline Systems has been involved in a number of pipe in pipe solutions in recent months across the UK with the help of our experienced supply chain partner, Lortub. The pipework, used for river, road and rail crossings, has been supplied as E Joint / socket so as to provide a welded system that does not require man access to repair post welding. The pipework can be made to fit exactly with the provision of .dwg files, significantly reducing the site fitting cost associated with less precise solutions.

Key to a pipe in pipe solution is the use of pipe spacers or spiders and FTPS has a range of solutions available from low cost plastic for lightweight and smaller applications through to skid or roller style carbon steel or stainless steel.

The photo above shows the pipework lined up with the invert of the tunnel on angle irons so as to assist with the straight installation which helps prevent the pipework corkscrewing in the tunnel.

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