420m – The longest single run of PF Detect has been installed in Brisbane, Australia

Over 800m of PF Detect (25mm LDPE) has recently been installed at North Pine Dam Water Treatment Plant, located north of Brisbane, Queensland. The plant, which turns raw water into drinking water, treats up to 250 megalitres of water daily. The purpose of the upgrade project was to provide double containment to an ammonia injection line.

The key challenge with this installation was the potential high ambient temperature under a large roof space. In summer this is expected to be as high as 60 Celsius. The potential issue is the major drop in working pressure as a result. The installation was also to be installed in-ground and above ground. The FT Water Treatment division worked closely with our supplier to provide a solution to increase the amount of re-enforcement to compensate for the increase in temperature. As a result, a new ‘High Pressure’ LDPE option is now available. The increase in pressure is around 25%.

The project manager said, ‘The installation was more efficient than we thought. The challenge was to have 400m in a single run, but the crew installed the hose with no issue. The installation time compared to conventional pipes such as PVC is considerably less. Using conventional pipes, the installation can take 60% more time than installing the LDPE hose.’

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