Full Traceability Offers Peace of Mind

FTPS are fully aware that traceability and ease of identification of items goes a long way to assisting site with their job. Steel solutions are in the position of having readily identifiable numbers that are unique to that fitting or tube, which in turn tie back to certification proving the quality of the materials. As […]

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why choose steel?

Why Choose Steel?

Why Choose Steel for Water Pipes? FTPS have been supplying coated and lined carbon steel water pipe for over thirty years and have seen numerous changes over the years which have lead to a solution that provides genuine longevity of service life. When considering fittings in particular, UK based manufacturers have retained the basic principle […]

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Twin steel mains

New Steel Twin Mains for Severn Ham, Tewkesbury

FT Pipeline Systems has supplied steel pipe and fittings for a scheme in Tewkesbury to replace 2 x 900mm diameter twin mains pipes. The pipework supplied consisted of 208 x 13m lengths of 914 x 9.1mm and 13 x 13m lengths of 813 x 9.5mm ejoint/socket water pipes with Eurokote 468 Thixo lining and 3LPE […]

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