September 2019 - FT Pipeline Systems

PRS Built to Meet Exact Requirements

The gas division of FT Pipeline Systems was recently approached to build a new Pressure Reducing System for a critical industrial process. The customer had been struggling to manage with their existing equipment for around 12 months as it was unable to supply gas at the correct pressures and volumes. FTPS’ task was to design […]

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New Gas Flow Control Valve Features Zero Bleed Technology

We are delighted to announce the addition of the VRG flow control products to our portfolio of gas valves and, in particular, the world leading VRG gas control valve positioner featuring zero vent whilst stationary. In traditional systems a small amount of gas bleeds out due to the pressure of the gas opening and closing […]

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Offloading of Coated and Lined Steel Pipes at Docks

Having supplied many UK contractors and water authorities with hundreds of kilometres of our coated and lined steel pipes, FTPS understands how critical it is to oversee every step of the supply process. One key aspect involves offloading the pipes at the docks once they have arrived by sea on a dedicated vessel from our […]

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