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Steel Water Pipes

Over 200km steel pipe installed across the UK since Amp 4


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Pipe Joints

Innovative E-Joint provides no-man access solution post welding


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Gas for Power

Low noise and high capacity regulation systems


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Water Treatment

The first leak detectable chemical dosing hose


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Locking Lids

Saving water companies thousands of pounds every year


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Pipe Accessories

“Spacers have made this job easy for us.”


steel water pipes

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gas for power

water treatment

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FT Pipeline Systems

Leading pipe supplier FT Pipeline Systems (FTPS) has been providing steel water pipes, field joint protection sleeves (Canusa heat shrink sleeves) and stop tap replacement locking lids to the UK water industry for over 3 decades. In recent years FTPS has grown to include 2 new divisions: Gas for Power and Water Treatment.

FT Pipeline Systems supplies cement mortar lined, plastic coated steel water pipes in an extensive range of diameters (from 80mm to 3000mm) and joint types (socket weld, butt weld, flanged, and the FT E joint). The superior specification makes these water pipes first choice for contaminated and aggressive ground conditions. In addition, tailor-made, as-fit solutions can be manufactured to your specific requirements and of course full traceability and quality control is standard.

Marketed alongside the steel water pipes are the high quality heat shrink sleeves (Canusa jointing sleeves), which form a permanently bonded watertight seal on all diameters of pipe. Their flexibility ensures perfect seals on straight runs, junctions and bends. Pipe casing spacers, along with a full range of pipeline accessories can also be supplied quickly and cost effectively.

FT’s unique anti-vandal locking lids are available in a wide range of sizes and are used by virtually every water company in the UK. The lids are quick and easy to install consequently saving water companies thousands of pounds each year.

The Gas for Power division offers flanges, fittings, pipes, accessories, measurement and control to all accreditations and recognised grades of material. Our range of low noise pressure regulators are of particular interest to the gas market.

Worthy of note is the first ever leak detectable chemical dosing hose, PF-Detect. This product is unique to the water treatment sector and forms part of our range of dual containment hose which is available in both flexible and rigid systems.

Accredited to: ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001